CBC Efforts to Preserve Chelan Butte – Update #1 (7/17/22)

(emailed on July 17, 2022)

First, we would like to thank you for signing our petition! We now have nearly 1,800 signers. Being able to demonstrate to potential partners that this effort is something the public sees as a high priority has been extremely helpful.

Second, we would like to provide an update on CBC’s general approach to this effort and where we’re at. One key element of this approach is that the city of Chelan is a pivotal partner in completing this project. The subject properties on the Butte are within Chelan city limits, and other potential partners have indicated that participation by the City is essential. With that in mind, our general approach to this project is as follows:

    1. Secure interest from the Trust for Public Land and the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. These entities have long histories of helping to complete these types of acquisition projects. CBC has met with these entities and they have expressed interest in helping.
    2. Engage with the city of Chelan to gain support of the city council and work on specific commitments to the project. CBC has met with individual city council members, the mayor, and the city administrator. So far, the reception has been positive, but we’re still working to get a financial commitment. CBC will be providing a presentation to the city council at an upcoming city council workshop. We will continue to work with the City to obtain specific commitments.
    3. Engage with other potential partners. CBC has had preliminary discussions with a number of other potential partners and will continue to make these connections.
    4. Once partnerships are established and commitments from the city of Chelan have been procured, all parties will identify potential sources of funding for both acquisition and long-term care of the Chelan Butte properties. This will include available city, county, state, and federal funding sources. CBC and other partners will also be asking the public to contribute financially to this effort. We have already heard from individuals who are eager to contribute to the fundraising effort! However, we are asking that individual donors hold on to their funds for now until the other pieces of this process are in place (although you are always welcome to join CBC for a minimum$25 donation for the calendar year – see our website).

This will be a multi-year process. Once enough pieces have fallen into place, and it may be possible to secure the properties prior to all of the funding being received. However, it is important to remember that we are still early on in this process and there is always the possibility that a private party will purchase these properties before we get a chance to secure them on our behalf.

We are hopeful that everyone who has signed the petition to preserve the Chelan Butte will remain engaged throughout the process, as your willingness to continue to voice your support for this project will be key to its success. If you know others who are willing to sign the petition, please direct them to our website!

Thank you!
Brian Patterson – CBC President

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