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Promoting conservation and public access to Lake Chelan

Vision & Mission

Vision: To have ample public open space, public lake access, and a clean, safe environment for future generations of residents and visitors of the Lake Chelan Basin to enjoy.

Mission: Promote and facilitate conservation of, and public access to, Lake Chelan and the surrounding Valley by partnering with private and public organizations to achieve our mutual goals.

Our Partners

Lake Chelan Research Institute

Department of Ecology

Keep it Blue
“To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

Why we do what we do

“I am driven by the desire to do my part to help preserve the natural beauty and public resources of the Lake Chelan Valley where I live and protect the health and welfare of the people who reside here. I am honored to have the opportunity to interact with the community to discuss issues of concern and to work with others within CBC to effect meaningful change for public benefit. We have a relatively new and growing Board of Directors filled with talented people who are enthusiastic about our mission. I thoroughly enjoy working with them and look forward to adding more like-minded people to our leadership in the near future.

~ Brian Patterson
CBC President

“I’m excited to be part of the CBC team, who are dedicated to preserving the Chelan Basin and all its beauty and invaluable resources. While development seems inevitable…it needs to be done responsibly. I believe it is important for the public to be aware and engaged with city and county agencies in order to ensure development impacts are addressed and mitigation efforts are made to protect the overall best interests of the communities they serve. “

~ Lisa Garvich
CBC Vice President

“I am pleased to be involved with a group that is working to ensure that development of the Lake Chelan Valley follows best practices to preserve the natural beauty of our area while ensuring public access.

~ Mary Bider
CBC Secretary

“I’m honored to serve on the Board of CBC, and in service to all who enjoy the Chelan Basin. I look forward to continuing my work in land conservation, and to partnering with others at the local and State levels to achieve our mutual conservation goals in the Chelan Valley. Like so many others who’ve enjoyed the Valley for decades, I’ll continue to strive for responsible development, and preservation of the unique natural resources our region provides.”.

~ Tony Crosetto
CBC Treasurer

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