About Us


Rooted in a series of conservation efforts by some of its members over the past three decades, Chelan Basin Conservancy (CBC) was formed in 2011 to be a permanent organization dedicated to protecting the splendid beauty of Lake Chelan. We are a committed grassroots group with the mission of promoting conservation and public access to Lake Chelan.

Lake Chelan Valley from the Chelan Butte
Lake Chelan Valley from the Chelan Butte

What We Do

Promote conservation and public access to Lake Chelan

  • Keep abreast of property development proposals and land use planning processes in the Chelan area;

  • Communicate with public agencies and officials to provide our input and concerns.

  • Form alliances with friends and organizations who share our mutual interests.

About Us

Hold regular member meetings to

  • Become informed about land use planning; and

  • Share information of happenings in the Chelan basin; and

  • Determine any appropriate responses


Governmental entities which affect public enjoyment of Lake Chelan include:

Chelan County P.U.D., Wenatchee

City of Chelan

City Council Agendas & Minutes

Past Notices

Planning & Building Dept.—Planning Div., includes various Planning Topics; Shoreline Master Program includes city Shoreline Restoration Plan at p. 331 and city Shoreline Public Access Plan at p. 357

State Department of Natural Resources

Applications to Use State-Owned Aquatic Lands: Rivers District (includes 3 marinas on Lake Chelan)

Leasing State-Owned Aquatic Lands, with link to similar fact sheet

DNR Regulations—WAC Chapter 332-30—Aquatic Land Management

WAC 332-30-131—Public use and access

WAC 332-30-139—Marinas and moorages

Growth Management:

An excellent source of growth management resources in Washington is Futurewise, including its Resource Directory.

Support Our Cause

You can support our efforts by donating to our organization, which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) by clicking on the Donate button or by mailing a check.